The St. Bees Duo

The St. Bees Duo 

Dave St. Bees has created a new and pleasant sound that is interesting, but not intrusive. Restaurant customers have found new enjoyment in dining upon their favorite meal along with the St. Bees Duo. 

The music is a mixture of jazz favorites, jazz flavored pop, latin jazz, jazz/rock, r & b, jazz flavored classical, and improvisation.

Listeners are pleased and surprised to hear some new impromptu arrangements of well-known songs, and some new, singable tunes as well.

Tapping the foot and clapping hands is allowed! The music is accessible to everyone! Not too complicated. Easy to take. But interesting.

St. Bees is serious about music creativity, and he respects the composer and original work. And audiences dig hearing something new yet old!

The St. Bees Duo is the perfect accompaniment to an elegant bar or restaurant, a special family party, a holiday event, an office party. Their music sets a happy and energetic mood which is pleasant for conversation, dining or simply listening!

Dave St. Bees plays two keyboards which covers left hand bass, piano, electric piano, vibraphone, organ and e-flute.

Dave St. Bees features some of his favorite performers in a duo setting:

LLOYD SMITH, DRUMS.  Lloyd Smith draws from his unique background in soul, jazz, r & b, and 60's rock.

DOUG MCGREW, DRUMS. Doug has performed stadium concert venues around the world with world-class bands.  Doug brings his Cornish chops to the scene.

KING DRE, DRUMS.  King Dre (aka K.D.) has travelled the world studying African, Brazilian, Caribbean, and R & B beats, as well as being classically trained at Seattle University.

KENNY MANDELL, SAX and FLUTE. Kenny is a well-respected educator and mentor for the young musicians in Seattle, as well as being a Monk aficionado.

FARKO DOSUMOV, BASS.  One of the hottest bass players in Seattle, who plays every style.  And he solos like a guitar player.


You gotta hear it to appreciate it!

To hear some of this unique music, click below.

For bookings, contact Dave St. Bees at, or call 206.288.5575.